2013  to  2022  , English Teaching Experience in Turkey

TESOL Certified  English Teacher

Currently has 9 years experience of Teaching English   to Kids and  Adults.

In charge of assessing students level of English proficiency;

Responsible for conducting Speaking Lessons;

Acts as a moderator in Speaking Clubs  for various levels of students.

Handles students with ages ranging from  9 years old to adults.

2006 to 2013,   Senior Manager,  Budget and Finance Department,   Federal Land Inc.,   Makati City , Metro Manila, Philippines 

Federal Land Inc., is one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines.   They offer wide range of housing, condominium  and commercial properties with over 20  projects for mid-range and high end market.

Directly reporting to the First Vice President of the company, the job entails the consolidation,  preparation and monitoring  of the annual corporate budget from various department which includes Sales targets,  operating expenses,    capital expenditures,  new project launches,  and manpower count or plantilla.

Aside from these, the job also entails  monitoring the changes that are to be made  in all the real estate projects which may affect the viability.   Among these include the project pricelists,  construction costs,  and manpower requirement, marketing expenses.         

2004 to 2006,   Financial Planning Manager,  Pacific Concord Properties, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Among the major responsibilities include the preparation of the Project Cashflow and Financial Schedules, preparation and review of the monthly  and quarterly comparative reports which maybe of use to identify issues  and trends in Sales and expenses.

It also involves liaison between the company and the Banks and other financial institutions  for the company’s  financing requirements.

The job  includes  preparation  of Financial Projections as maybe required by the  Management. 

2001 to 2004 ,  Financial Analyst / Management Associate,  Impact Financial Consultancy Services, Makati City,  Metro Manila, Philippines 

The job entails assistance to clients  in terms of  the  preparation of financial projections  as part of the documentary requirements.     It includes  analysis   of the clients actual operation and  financial forecasts.

The job also functions as a liaison between the company’s clients and the banks,   making sure that all documentary requirements as required by the banks are all complied for.

Among the projects  that have been assisted include:  Toll Packing Service,  Development of Middle Income  Subdivision,  Construction of a Hotel,  Expansion of School,  Construction of Apartelle and Spa,  and Operational Manual for Networking Company.

1999 to 2000,  Assistant Manager, Trade and Finance Group, Export and Industry Bank,  Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

The job involves promoting, marketing and selling  the Banks financial services and products to Small and Medium  Enterprises in particular,  the manufacturers and  exporters  of Philippine made products.

The scope of the job  involves the analysis of the prospective clients  business operations vis-à-vis  its financial capability, credit worthiness, collateral capacity, and business cycle.

The job also includes the preparation of the over-all  group’s  annual corporate targets which are to be used for the Annual Corporate Planning Conference of the Bank.

1995 to 1996,   Staff Assistant 3, Special Lending Unit,  Far East Bank and Trust Company,  Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines   

The position involves the financial analysis, preparation of  financial forecasts, coordination  with the Bank Account Officers and the Government Financial Institutions.

The job entails monitoring  the  documentation,  the actual loan  disbursements  and repayments of the Bank’s loans to the Government Financial Institutions.

1993 to 1995, Operations Staff  1 / Operations Staff 2  , Special Lending Unit, Far East Bank and Trust Company, Manila, Philippines

The job entails the monitoring of the  loan disbursement  and repayment to the several  Government Financial Institutions.   It also includes the preparation of checks  and transmittal letters.

It also includes the preparation of  weekly,  monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required by the management and the financial institutions. 


Masters in Business Management,  Asian Institute of Management , Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines   1996-1998

Bachelor of Science in Commerce,  Major in Computer  Information System,   Assumption College,  San Lorenzo, Makati City , Philippines,   1989-1993,   (with awards  2nd Honor 1992)

High School,   St.  Mary’s Academy, Pasay City , Metro Manila Philippines,  1986-1989,  (with awards  Best in Deportment)

Grade School, St.  Mary’s Academy, Pasay City , Metro Manila, Philippines,  1980-1986 (with awards  Loyalty Award )


Consistent Awardee  for  Perfect Attendance   given by  Federal Land Inc.

2nd Honors in 1992 given by Assumption College

Best in Deportment  in  1989 given by St. Mary’s Academy

Loyalty Award  in 1986 given by St.  Mary’s Academy 


Can speak  and write in English and Filipino proficiently

Can operate computer and computer applications  for example Exccel, Word and Powerpoint

Can drive a car 


Birthdate :  13 December , 1972         Birthplace:   Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Age  :  49

Nationality :   with dual Citizenship  (Turkish Citizen and Filipino Citizen)

Marital Status :   Married

Residency :   Living in Turkey since 2013

Additional Information 


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